Our Teachers

Our aim at The Piano Room is to equip students with transferable skills that enable them to be better all round learners.

Patricia's Bio


  • Born and Bred in Glengormley, Northern Ireland

  • 'Emmigrated' to Clare 20 years ago

  • Started playing the Piano age 7

  • I have been teaching for 13 years

  • Absolutely LOVE it!

  • I am Cheerful & Hardworking 

  • The scariest thing I ever did was have 3 Children!

  • Dinner/Movies is my relaxation

  • Favourite Movie is Tango & Cash   (I'm a sucker for Kurt Russell)

  • Favourite Drink is Coffee & Wine


Sinead's Bio

I LOVE my Boss! Hahaha!

  • Born & Bred in Ennis, Co Clare

  • Started playing Piano age 15

  • Totally Love My Job!

  • I am Fun loving and Caring

  • Love to Golf and Read

  • Favourite Movie is Chicago

  • Scariest thing I ever did was go to The Haunted Mansion in Doonbeg!

  • My favourite drink is Milk

Brid's  Bio

I also LOVE my Boss! Hahaha

  • Born in Limerick & moved to Kilrush

  • Started playing Piano at 9

  • Love teaching my Students!

  • I am Colourful & Lively

  • I cry at a really good Joke!

  • My quiet Place is in The Garden

  • The Bourne Trilogy are My Favourite movies

  • I get terrified on Theme Park Rides

  • My Favourite Drink is Chocolate Milkshake

      Seriously Girls!!!.... Milk?   HAHAHA!!!!!!

  • Mature & Qualified Piano Teaching

  • Theory of Music

  • JC & LC Practical tuition

  • Classical Exam Routes

  • Easy listening and party pieces

  • Pop, Rock  & Jazz Repertoire

  • Recording opportunities

  • Recital Opportunities

  • Group Classes = Play Days

  • Gift Vouchers & Gift ideas

  • Disabled Access

What do we offer?
Just like sport...
The piano is a skill for life.
What Makes us Different?
  • Being Part of a Team

  • No one wants to PLAY on their own

  • Theory and Practical studies in one lesson

  • Project Knowledge

  • Group classes and PLAY days

We work hard and we PLAY hard!!

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