This is an excellent beginning that never ends....


I love learning the Theory of Music as it helps me understand the subject of music at school.  I also enjoy recording my music as I can listen to myself play, in order to improve my pieces.

Aoibhin O'Donoghue

I like learning new songs and preparing for exams, as this tests my skills at both theory and playing.

Robert Sullivan

I love going to Piano, as it is fun.

Once you learn to read music, you basically can play any song that you want.

Natalie Cheng

I  like playing and listening to Music. I love the sound of the Piano.

I like studying the theory of music and sitting exams. The theory exam gives you time to think a lot about the answers.

Michael and Patrick Roche

We have been studying piano for almost 10 years and are now in our senior grades.

Individually, we play for Afternoon Tea in Trump Hotel, Doonbeg.

It is a fantastic opportunity to play our own music repetoire creations - Plus we get Paid!

Emer, Niamh, Shannon and Grace

Learning to Play the Piano was always on my 'Bucket List'

I really look forward to my lessons at The Piano Room......

The coffee there is Excellent also! :)

Mo Garvey

Emer's Journey with The Piano Room
"I have been studying at the Piano room for 10 years and
I truly love playing the Piano.
The teachers here are great and very supportive.
I love being able to learn so many different pieces"

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